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ClimateCare is a Proud Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Contractors

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ClimateCare HVAC is proud to have earned Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred status.


We achieved this by having a long history of satisfied customers, highly trained technicians, extensive product knowledge and the ability to help design any application. If you are interested in a Mitsubishi ductless or ducted system, we look forward to helping select the best system to meet your needs.

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Benefits of Mitsubishi Ductless Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Multiple product options allow for ideal comfort for any room. By eliminating the need to run duct work, Mitsubishi is the perfect product for any application. Systems offer great solutions for challenging situations such as, an older home that doesn’t already have duct work installed, adding central air conditioning to an addition or simply adding a single zone system to your master bedroom.


With a single or multi zone system, you can create room by room customized comfort. Each room in a house is used differently and presents individual comfort requirements. The comfort of each space is affected by the size, occupancy and usage. A zoned system allows for each occupant to condition the air to their desired temperature. Zoned systems eliminate hot and cold spots in a house, which often can be the downside of a ducted system.

Energy Savings

Mitsubishi systems are up to 40% more efficiency than traditional ducted systems. Significant energy is saved by having a system that only has to condition the air where it’s located, compared to a ducted system that has to supply air from one centrally located unit to several rooms throughout the house. Systems are designed based on the needs of each room to maintain comfort and conserve energy. Control each zone in your home independently and even turn off a zone that’s not in use. Several systems are Energy Star qualified and offer rebates through local utility companies.

Air Quality

With advanced multistage filtration, capture and remove contaminants that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, spread illness and impact air quality. Each indoor unit comes with a built in removable washable filter. Having to replace a paper filter is a thing of the past, simply pull out the filter and rinse if off. Also, available on select systems, is a platinum deodorizing filter that uses nanotechnology to absorb odors to neutralize the worst smells.

Whisper Quiet

System components are designed to work in quite harmony with details such as an insulated compressor compartment, vibration dampeners and variable speed motors that are not only efficient but very quiet. Mitsubishi indoor and outdoor ystems are so quiet you physically have to walk up to them to confirm they are even on.
What does it mean to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?
"Building a Better Business Together"

ClimateCare is proud to have aligned ourselves with Mitsubishi and have achieved Diamond Preferred Contractor status. Our technicians and staff have undergone extensive product installation and service training, have in-depth product knowledge, and consistently perform high-quality installations.

Being a Diamond Preferred Contractor allows ClimateCare to pass along great incentives to our customers. At no extra cost, Instead of a normal 10-year parts warranty, we are able to offer an extended 12-year warranty, competitive pricing, and discounted finance options. Considering the ductless product market is the highest growing HVAC market in the U.S., ClimateCare has made a significant investment in Mitsubishi products, the leading ductless manufacturer in the marketplace.

Perfect solutions for any application

Ductless systems are a great solution for any challenging space. Considering they do not require ductwork, they can practically fit anywhere. They are perfect for historic or older homes that never had central air, townhomes, and row homes that lack space to run ductwork, homes that have improperly designed existing systems that either have a lack of airflow or temperature variations throughout the house. 

  • Single zone system for a master bedroom
  • Adding a living space above a garage
  • Basement renovations
  • Perfect solution if you are building an addition on your home
  • She sheds and man caves!
  • A great solution if you live in a city row home that lacks a central air system

Are you interested in having perfect comfort?

Ductless systems are the ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve perfect conditioned air. Having hot and cold spots in your house is a thing of the past. A ductless system is like having your own personal HVAC system that constantly maintains the exact temperature, no matter what the outdoor temperature is. This product is the perfect fit for households where some individuals prefer to have different temperatures. 

  • Perfect temperature 24/7/365
  • Completely customizable solutions for any room
  • Variable speed blowers that provide conditioned air without notice
  • Program the thermostat to meet your weekly schedule
  • Consistent temperature, no matter the size of the room

Sleek, modern and visually appealing

With multiple indoor unit options, ductless systems blend in and are aesthetically pleasing for any environment. If you prefer not to have a wall-mounted unit, indoor units are now made in sleek, modern, and low profile options. Whether you are doing a new construction project, home renovation, or adding on an addition, ductless systems offer endless possibilities. 

  • Modern wall mounted units that that blend in like chameleons
  • Ceiling mounted units that are low profile and modern
  • Floor mounted units  
  • Systems come in different color options and can be painted to match the room color

EZ FIT Recessed ceiling mounted cassette

Welcome to a new ara of possibilities with the Ez Fit ceiling mounted cassette that fits between a standard 16” wide ceiling joist. Perfect for all ceilings, both new construction or retrofit. 

  • Low profile, modern and beautiful to look at
  • Perfect zoned comfort for any space
  • On board washable filters  
  • Made with internal condensate pumps to allow for natural draining
  • Serviceable from the bottom so there is never a need to remove the unit

WIFI and Bluetooth Temperature Control

Temperature control options from a handheld remote control, wall-mounted thermostat or simply install an app on your phone and control the comfort of your house from anywhere. Travel for work often? Always arrive home at the temperature you desire. 

Look Closer at a Mitsubishi
Wall Mounted HVAC System

Multi-layer allergen filtration traps dust, allergens and other particles to improve indoor air quality
Supply vents can be adjusted per individual needs
Handheld Remote control, smartphone app or a wall mounted thermostat Way bottom Right!: 3D i-see sensor, uses infrared technology to scan the room and directs air to where occupants are located in a room (available on select units)
Supply air vents across the bottom of the unit
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