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At ClimateCare, part of our message and wellbeing is to engage and support local charities in our community. We pride ourselves on involvement in the community and businesses around Maryland.

Here are a few of the charities and organizations we incorporate into the ClimateCare team.

Woven into our community, the Arc of the Chesapeake provides equity and access for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be fully included in the community. The Arc believes all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their strengths, abilities, and value, not by their disability. 

The UNC Women’s Lacrosse team continues to be a driving force both on and off the field. As two time National Champions, and often in the NCAA final four, the team sets a great example for our local youth women’s lacrosse players. Engaging in our local youth camps and charity events such as the Kellie Thompson Shiley 5K run, the Heels team sets a great example for our local youth lacrosse players to strive for.

A girls lacrosse club with a mission to develop lacrosse players to value skill-building and sportsmanship over winning and personal gain. Sportsmanship comes first.

A beacon of light in our local community, the Light House shelter provides shelter and services to prevent homelessness and empower people as they transition toward employment, housing, and self-sufficiency.

A social enterprise created by the Light House Shelter that provides people with employment barriers the opportunity to learn while promoting themselves and earning a living wage. 

Kellie Thompson Shiley was just 31 years old when she unexpectedly passed away after complications from giving birth to her twin daughters in July 2012. Native to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Kellie was a star Lacrosse player at St. Mary’s High school in Annapolis, then captain of The Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill women’s lacrosse team and a driving force on the women’s World Team. Kellie left behind her twin’s, a loving husband, and 2-year-old son. She was a one of a kind person who touched so many lives. Her strength, sense of humor, and voice are unforgettable.

Holding an annual event in her honor that combines so many of her loves is just one way for those who knew her or her story to annually celebrate her life. ClimateCare is proud to support Kellie’s legacy and annual event that means so much to so many.

A Grace Bomb is an intentional act of love motivated by Jesus. Grace Bomb was founded in Davidsonville, MD, and continues to flourish beyond our local community to cities and churches across the U.S. Grace Bomb is the act of giving kindness through examples as paying for a stranger’s lunch, donating your time, volunteering, a random act of kindness or anything to provide “Grace” to someone else’s life. Please visit Grace Bomb’s website to read the incredible stories of how Grace Bomb has touched so many lives.

“Here at ClimateCare, we make it our mission to ensure we make an impact on the community through a variety of nonprofits, small businesses and charity organizations.”

Steve SmollonOwner, ClimateCare Services