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What is a Multizone Ductless Solution?

A multizone system is a heating and cooling system where you have a separate indoor unit in each room of the house. Each indoor unit provides heating and cooling to the room where it’s located. Each indoor unit is connected to a multizone outdoor. Depending on the overall required tonnage of each room, a multizone outdoor unit is capable of accommodating up to 8 indoor units. If your home requires more than 8 units (zones) or the overall tonnage is beyond what one outdoor multi-zone system can accommodate, then you simply install a second outdoor unit to allow for additional indoor units.

It’s very common to have two outdoor units with multiple indoor units. Each room is controlled by its own thermostat and you can set different temperatures for each indoor unit. Ductless systems are extremely efficient and offer industry-leading SEER ratings. Multi-zone systems allow homeowners to achieve their exact desired temperature in each room of the house, no matter the time of year.

Wall Mounted Systems

Ceiling Recessed Systems

Floor Mounted Systems

Benefits of Multizone Ductless Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Multi zone systems utilize a network of small, energy efficient units in each room to send the right amount of conditioned air to each space.

Energy Savings

Concentrate on conditioning the rooms that are used the most, while reducing costs in rooms that aren't used as often.

Air Quality

Homeowners can clean washable filters in a matter of minutes, simply remove the washable filter from each indoor unit and clean it at a sink. Significantly reduce dust, bacteria, germs, pollen, and microscopic viruses.

Whisper Quiet

Quieter than a typical refrigerator, you literally have to walk up to a unit to see if it’s even working! Never be woken up at night or interrupted by a noisy A/C system again.

Look Inside a House With Multi Zone HVAC Solutions

Wall mounted unit perfect for a sunroom
Wifi touch screen thermostat for each zone
Small unit for library quiet zone
Recessed dual ceiling mounted unit for a living room
Single wall mounted unit perfect for a family movie room

Do you notice there is no ductwork? Simply a small unit located in each room sized for the exact space and customized to each individual’s needs. Siblings can keep their rooms at different temperatures while parents maintain their own desired temperature in their master bedroom. Multi-zone systems allow homeowners to have room-by-room control.

Perfect Solution for Townhomes or City Living

Where space is a premium, multi-zone systems are the ideal fit. Customizable to fit any application, simply run a refrigerant line to each room, install a ductless unit, and enjoy constant comfort. Eliminate ductwork and drywall chases when trying to make a tight space work. Leave rooms open and maintain ceiling heights.

  • Perfect for city row homes
  • A great solution if the top floor doesn’t heat or cool well
  • Eliminate window A/C systems
  • Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing 
  • Bring conditioned air to tough locations 

Upgrade an Older System in an Historic Home

Step into the modern era by converting to an energy efficiency multi-zone heat pump system.

  • No longer have to pay for costly oil or gas
  • Maintain the old charm of the house
  • Eliminate the headache of constant repairs
  • Remove or abandon old baseboard radiators
  • Never have to worry about hot & cold spots again
  • Even, well balance air throughout the entire home
  • Wall mounted, handheld or smartphone temperature control


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