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What is a Single Zone Ductless Solution?

A single zone ductless system is used to heat and cool a single space in a house. A single-zone system consists of one indoor unit that is connected to one outdoor heat pump. This is a perfect application to provide year-round, balanced, and consistent air to any space.

Single-zone systems come in multiple sizes (tonnages) and can comfortably heat and cool most size spaces. Ductless systems are extremely efficient and offer industry-leading SEER ratings. Single-zone systems allow homeowners to achieve their exact desired temperature, no matter the time of year

Wall Mounted Systems

Ceiling Recessed Systems

Floor Mounted Systems

Benefits of Single Zone Ductless Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Tackle rooms with hot and cold spots and rooms that have insufficient air flow or lack of sufficient heating and cooling.

Energy Savings

Industry leading energy efficiency, resulting in a fraction of the amount of energy usage and lower utility bills. Only pay to heat and cool the rooms of your house that are used most often.

Air Quality

Homeowners can clean washable filters in a matter of minutes, simply remove the washable filter from the indoor unit and clean it at a sink. Significantly reduce dust, bacteria, germs, pollen, and microscopic viruses.

Whisper Quiet

Quieter than a common household refrigerator, enjoy comfort without the sound of noisy equipment.
Adjustable Louvers
Washable Air Filters
Modern Recessed Units
Handheld Remote Sensors
Isee sensor, distributes air based on where occupants are located in the room.

Look Inside a House With Single Zone HVAC Solutions

Are you able to comfortably use each room of your house? Eliminate window units or space heaters and switch to an energy-efficient comfort solution.

Make your Bedroom the Perfect Comfort Zone

Considering how much time you spend in your bedroom, why not make it the most comfortable room in the house. Install a wall-mounted or ceiling recessed unit in your master bedroom and constantly maintain the exact temperature of your desire.

  • Perfect cooling during the hottest days of the summer
  • Hand-Held thermostat remote or WIFI app on your smartphone
  • Quiet operation you literally have to walk up to the unit to see if it’s even working
  • Ideal comfort, on-demand, when you want it
  • No longer deal with your bedroom either being too hot or too cold

Add Comfort to your Room Additions

Single-zone systems are ideal when adding an addition to your house. Either converting a room in your house or building a new addition, single-zone systems eliminate the need for ductwork and allow endless installation possibilities.

  • Don’t have enough room to run ductwork? No problem
  • Your existing A/C system isn’t big enough to handle a new addition? No problem
  • We can never keep the room cool in the summer – simple fix
  • Insufficient airflow to one particular room – easy solution

Enclosed Patios or a Living Space Above a Garage

Single-zone systems are powerful and can handle rooms that in the past were tough to heat and cool. The perfect product to provide ideal comfort to your four-season patio or living space above your garage. 

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Offer 24/7 365 inexpensive heating & cooling
  • Never have to deal with being too hot or too cold
  • Enjoy your favorite room of the house in perfect comfort


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