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ClimateCare is Proud to be a Rheem Authorized Installer

Quality Products

Reliable. Tested. Trusted. Tough.

  • Industry-leading energy efficiencies 
  • Quite with noise reduction design 
  • Quality and reliable internal parts
  • Industry-leading product warranties 
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs 

Variable Speed Equipment - Control at your Fingertips

Smart comfort with variable speed indoor and outdoor products. Simply set your thermostat to the desired temperature and allow the smart thermostat and controls vary the speed of the equipment to achieve optimal comfort while using a fraction of the amount of energy.

  • Variable speed motors that quickly adapt to adjust slight temperature changes
  • Modulating gas furnaces that can save more than 50% on gas consumption
  • Two-stage or variable speed outdoor units designed for ideal comfort at a fraction of the cost 
  • Quite, durable and efficient equipment

Smart Controls - Count on staying Cool and Comfortable

Smart Phone Enabled Comfort at your fingertips

  • Control available on the Apple Store, Google Play and works with Alexa
  • Control that communicates with the indoor and outdoor unit to accommodate precise comfort 
  • Operate remotely anywhere in your house or while traveling  

Benefits of Rheem Heating
& Cooling Solutions


For over 100 years Rheem has been a leader in heating and cooling innovation


Design for zero waste - A bold approach to improvements to products and processes to dramatically cut their impact on the environment


Focused on innovative engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind


Striving for operation excellence and industry leading efficiencies


Materials selections and smart product features that lead to responsible recycling and less waste


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