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What is a Ducted HVAC System?

Common to most homes in the United States, air travels throughout a house through metal ductwork. In the HVAC world, we call them ducted or ducted split systems! Simply meaning, a ducted split system consists of a unit located inside the home along with a separate unit mounted outside the house. Ductwork is connected to the indoor unit and distributes air to each room of the home. Hence, why it’s called (or referred to) a ducted split system.

What Do We Mean by SEER Rating?

Good question. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In short, it’s how you measure the efficiency of an HVAC system. Today’s systems are manufactured from 14 SEER (entry-level) up to the highest efficiency 20 SEER. Example: A 16 SEER system on average is roughly 25% to 30% more efficient than 10 SEER system manufactured in the late ’90s & early ’20s. Think about that! Can you imagine the difference 30% savings would do to your utility bill! Would be nice to include the SEER graph on this link going from 0% to 49%.

Benefits of a Ducted HVAC Solution

Customizable Solutions

Ducted systems offer endless flexibility for most applications.

Energy Savings

Today’s products start at 14 SEER and go all the way up to 20 SEER.

Air Quality

Ducted systems allow for endless indoor air quality (IA) options. The perfect combination is an air scrubber with a built in UV light paired along with a humidifier to dial in the exact humidity (Rh) in winter.

Whisper Quiet

Achieving the lowest noise level has become a competitive race for competing HVAC manufacturers. Today’s high efficiency systems are made with variable speed motors that result in whisper quiet operation.

High Efficiency






Trane - America’s Most Trusted
HVAC Brand

For over 120 years, Trane has been building the highest quality products in the industry thanks to their dedication to quality, innovation and reliability.

  • Trane designs, tests & builds their own parts
  • Reliable, efficient to operate & quality that lasts for the test of time
  • Built to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Equipment is tested, retested, and tested again – then pushed to the extreme
  • Innovative designs, beyond the industry standard
Learn More about Trane

Rheem - Designing for Zero Waste

For nearly 100 years Rheem has been a leader in heating & cooling equipment quality and innovation. Designed to dramatically cut their impact on the environment. A bold vision for the future coupled by a bold commitment to quality.

  • Award-winning innovations
  • Advanced comfort and efficiency
  • Quality equipment with products to fit every budget
  • Single-speed & variable speed systems
  • Dependability that lasts the test of time

RunTrue by Trane

The newest name from the brand we trust. RunTru by Trane, designed, tested, engineered and assembled in America. Backed by the same team that builds Trane products, RunTru offers dependable products at a great price point designed for homeowners, home builders, contractors & property managers. The perfect solution for a quality & dependable product that is built to last.

  • Thoroughly tested and dependable equipment
  • Year-round comfort at an affordable price point
  • Hassle-free, industry-leading product warranty
  • A great solution for standard efficiency equipment
  • Perfect budget-friendly fit for homeowners, rental properties, new construction or multifamily applications

Look Inside a House with Ducted HVAC Solutions

WIFI Touch Screen Smart Thermostats
Well balanced duct work, even airflow throughout
Zoned systems with inline dampers to allow different temperatures in certain parts of the home.
Variable speed systems
True comfort for all seasons

Ducted HVAC systems allow for unlimited design flexibility and comfort. The key to a successful, well-designed system is making sure the ductwork is sized and designed properly. Proper design allows for the correct amount of airflow (CFM) to each room of the house.

Along with a well-balanced system, ducted systems offer a great way to provide zones solutions for certain areas of your house, coupled with the ability to incorporate indoor air quality products. A well designed ducted system, results in even airflow to each room, while efficiently maintaining desired comfort temperatures during all seasons.

Highly Recommend!! ClimateCare provides outstanding customer service and they ensure that your problem is fixed to your satisfaction. They are very responsive, knowledgeable and take great pride in providing quality workmanship. Would not hesitate to call ClimateCare for any future HVAC needs.

Alan Fletcher, (Annapolis, MD Resident)

I just wanted to let you know that we were pleased with our service today. Our technician, Jose, was courteous and professional. He answered all my questions thoroughly. And he was kind and patient with our six year old son and allowed him to watch everything he was doing. He also went out of his way to drive back to our home after servicing the rental so that I didn't have to get the kids in and out of the car. It's only a half mile away but those little things can make a big difference. We plan on contacting you in the future for our hvac needs.

Kara Flaherty

Thrilled with the work done by Climate Care. My 17 year old air conditioner went out and it made sense to replace the gas furnace at the same time. I did my research and received multiple quotes for the work. Climate Care was far and away the most reasonably priced. They even went out of their way to secure a particularly hard to find unit I was set on, which two other companies said was not stocked in our region. Bottom line, it was a great experience working with Climate Care, I recommend them highly!

Brian Flynn (Edgewater, MD Resident)

I was nervous when faced with having to replace both my heating and air handling systems. I had gotten a couple of quotes, which confirmed that fear. Then I spoke with Steve and his team. They literally saved me $10,000, by recommending the system that was best for me, not just the most expensive, like the other guys had. And, the installation couldn't have been handled any better either.

Mike Foundos (Annapolis, MD Resident)

I was very pleased with all services provided by Climate Care. They have helped me with HVAC needs for my home and rental properties, always extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Phil was very professional and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend Climate Care to family and friends!

Ryan Eckenrode (Edgewater, MD Resident)

When I was out of town on work… our main Air Conditioning unit decided it was time to take a vacation. With the family at home and the heat building up quickly, I needed solutions quickly and I needed someone I could trust. Climate Care addressed the problem, provided a range of solutions based on our need and implemented them immediately. It’s more than getting the job done, it’s the manner in which they executed the job. There was no haggle, it was the best value, Phil was the most talented technician we have encountered and most importantly it was the best customer experience we have ever had with any business or service period.

Jason Hawk, Army Fighter Pilot (Andrews AFB)

Lee, I want to thank you and your team for your exceptional work and most of all the courtesy and outstanding professionalism. I am recommending you to a friend of mine. I cannot express enough my gratitude how you went out your way to lend us your air conditioner until ours was installed, I am flabbergasted by your kindness, it was nothing I’ve seen before from a salesman. I feel like I’ve know you forever. Again thanks for everything you, Phil and Randy have done. Your team put a good face on your company. Thanks again.

Jonathan D, (Bowie, MD Resident)

Mr. Lee was very courteous he understood my situation and worked with me. Outstanding professionalism well mannered. We are extremely satisfied with the work and we will recommend to our friends.

Andrew T. (Bowie, MD Resident)

ClimateCare worked with me to give me the best product and price for my need.

Homeowner (Silver Spring, MD Resident)

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